The mission of the ED Coronavirus Response and Recovery Initiative is to minimize the negative impact the public health crisis will have on the Norcross economy, to return to a state of health, and develop new economic opportunities that result in a sustainable and economically viable community.

What We're Doing

We know that navigating through these uncertain and rapidly changing times can create anxiety and pressure for business owners and workers alike. As with any crisis, every minute matters. The short-and long-term implications of such events depends not on the crisis itself, but in the response and recovery efforts that are put forth.

That is why the Norcross Department of Economic Development has launched the Coronavirus Response and Recovery Initiative to help our business community, workers, and stakeholders to sustain as much as possible in order to get back to a sense of normalcy. It is important that as a community, we restore and strengthen our local businesses and economy.

How We're Doing It

Through careful analysis and thoughtful decision-making, we have adopted 4 goals to ensure that the Norcross business community and local economy can effectively rebound from this unprecedented event.

  1. Share resources with affected businesses and workers
  2. Economic and community planning and capacity building
  3. Recommend policy and programming changes to local policymakers that will benefit recovery efforts
  4. Business Engagement and Communications




City of Norcross

Department of Economic Development

65 Lawrenceville Street

Norcross, GA 30071


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